• Sidney, born 17 September 1972, but most say Sid, AKA Sidlovestina.
  • Sidlovestina originates from the fact that i have been a Tina Turner fan for .. well.. quit some years!
  • Sid - Loves - Tina.
  • When i got a little older and knew my way around computers and the internet, i launched one of the very first Tina Turner websites ever made on the www.
  • On my Compac presario in the middle of the night with a dial-up connection to connect to the internet.
  • In those days it took a while to upload one photo!
  • And always ending up with a huge telephone bill!



  • It all started with one page and much later became a whole website.
  • I made this website several years to follow giving people the latest info and pictures that i could find!
  • After several years i stopped making one.
  • It became too much work and when Tina stopped touring, it was time.
  • My love for Tina never went aways offcourse and so i kept my domain name.
  • It used to be sidlovestina.com but later i made another one to what it is today, wildestdreams.be


This is how my website looked like in 2007:

Me on the right (upper) together with Tina Turner friends/fans, Tina Turner in the middle offcourse.

We had a meet & greet in Zurich, 27 November 2004, one moment i will never forget.



  • Still in my mind and forever will be.
  • Restaurant 'De Swaen' in the time Cas Spijkers was the chef there.
  • In the late 80's i went there when the restaurant had two Michelin stars.
  • We used to save the drinking money we received from the customers together and then went out to dinner in a star restaurant.
  • So we ended up in Oisterwijk! (and many others over the years).
  • It was awesome and i have never had the same feeling in a restaurant ever again.
  • Maybe due to the fact that i was quit young, but the impact of food and service you got there was very impressive, apero in the 'salon', impressive dinner, Chef visit at the table, dessert served for a table of 6 with 4 waiters, we each had several plates of dessert.
  • That kind of service nowadays still exists but has become much more expensive, back in the day we paid about 250€ / person.
  • I used to have the menu and all the wine labels (wich i got there) but over the years those somehow got lost (along with many others).
  • As I recall, I tasted a California white wine there for the first time ever.
  • But everything will stay forever in my mind!
  • The restaurant still is there (now called 'Brasserie De Swaen' but sadly Cas Spijkers is no more (he died in 2011).



  • Born and raised in Gent (Ghent, Belgium), moved several years ago and now living in Aalst (Belgium).
  • Gent offcourse well known for the 'Gentse Feesten' and Aalst for it's Carnival!
  • Gentse Feesten, is an annual festival that lasts for ten days.
  • It has been held for more than 50 years and is attended by about 1–1.5 million visitors each year.
Aalst Carnival (Dutch: Carnaval, local dialect: Carnaval Oilsjt)

Is an annual three-day event in the Belgian city of Aalst.



Chef-Cook! But now only cook for friends and for pleasure!


Tina Turner will always have that number one spot.


Many to be honest but here are a few: Mushrooms, Asparagus, chicori, chocolate.....


As a Belgian i do like a nice cold beer, Reinaert Grand Cru.




  • La France! Such a beautifull country, i always love going back there, the people, the food and especially ... nature.
  • A few food photos to show why i love La France!
  • I know, food..... there is more to see and explore but this is a food website afterall.



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