• My recipes take you back to the classic French kitchen.
  • Some taken from my 'atoma' recipe book, where i wrote it all down when i was still learning.
  • Not that i will ever stop learning... but this book originates from more than 30 years ago!
  • Some recipes learned over the years or other ones i just made up.
  • Offcourse always with the respect of classic combinations.
  • Only the best ingrediënts will give you the top results you are looking for.
  • No compromises.
  • It's like a bad wine will surely give you a bad sauce.
  • And since Belgium has so much to offer, here are some of the things i enjoy.
  • The book above is from Auguste Escoffier, my very first book i got when i was 16!
  • It is more than 35 years old now.
  • He was a French cook and the writer of 'Le guide culinaire' a classic masterpiece.


Belgian beer, so many, we're spoiled, really... but my favourites ones here...


Belgium is a very small country but with many great products and local producers.

We know why we are called 'Bourgondiërs' and i am still proud of it!

The website name wildesdreams.be originates from my love for Tina Turner.

Chocolate from Callebaut >

  • Chocolate pêllets, bars and so much more
  • * Best chocolate for making desserts.
  • * Based in Lebbeke, Belgium.
  • * The largest chocolate factory in the world.
  • * Callebaut 811, One of Octaaf Callebaut's authentic recipes.
  • 54,5 % of cacao, i always use this one for making chocolatemousse.


Leonidas - Belgian pralines >

* Very good quality chocolate for a good price.

* Try the 'manon' praline with of without nuts.

* For me the best praline they have is the 'Gianduja'

* We give these alot as a present, chocolates make people happy!






Belgian vegetables >


  • * Asparagus, one of our top products!
  • * Chicory, bitter taste, we Belgians like it so much, even uncooked!
  • * Tomatoes, TOMaBEL - Nothing better than local tomatoes in the season!
  • * Brussels sprouts, great baked with some bacon!
  • Brussels sprouts are a real Belgian pride. The original French name is "Choux de Bruxelles"



Belgian fruit >





Freshly baked fries >

Belgian freshly baked fries!

* We are addicted to fries in Belgium.

* Many people call it French fries but it is BELGIAN!

* I have a neon fries sign in my kitchen......

* Real Belgian fries are baked in ox fat (ox white) and not in oil.

* The amount of people that have a fryer at home is huge in Belgium.

* Yes i used to have a build in fryer in my kitchen :-)


Lotus Bakeries >


Very well known for 'Speculoos', called Biscoff cookies outside of Belgium.




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