• Tomate concassé: Peeled tomato, cut in 4, removed seeds... sliced and cut into small cubes.
  • Tomate emonder: Peeled tomato, bring water to boil, make a cross slice on top, immerse in boiling water for 10 seconds and then shock under cold water, remove the peel.
  • Assaisonner: Seasoning, adding extra flavor.
  • Beurre clarifié: Slowly melted butter, scoop off the foam with a spoon, don't use the milk on the bottom.
  • Bouqet garni: Bound together herbs such as parsley, bay leaf, thyme (and more).
  • Braisée: Gently braising or stewing.
  • Brunoise: Vegetables or meat (and more) cut into small cubes
  • Déglacer : After roasting (meat, fish and so on) loosen the crusts with liquid for extra taste.
  • Roux : Mixture of equal butter and flour, heated up to thicken sauces.
  • Tamis: Very fine sieve, hair sieve.
  • émincer: Very thin slicing food in equal pieces.
  • Meunière: Roll fish in flour flour, then fried in butter, served with beurre noisette.


The chef is always right, even when you think he/she is wrong.

Your kichen rules!


It is never a good idea not to weigh the ingredients correctly.

Don't make meatloaf without meat and call it meatloaf.


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