New recipe July 27: Pork skewers with Greek salad and baked potatoes

Food and nature around the world : Food in la douce France!

  • I enjoy the classic 'French cuisine' ... always have and always will... and sometimes with a Belgian twist.
  • This site was created to share my recipes for you to enjoy, nothing less and nothing more.
  • If there's anything that annoys me most, it's the ads and the cookie settings that you have to accept over and over again.
  • Be sure to check out my information and kitchen tools page, and no, nothing is sponsored.
  • Basic recipes, basic tools & classic cooking!
  • Are my recipes the best ever? Definitely not, but that's not my goal.
  • It's just a site made with joy and maybe someone can make use of one of the recipes.
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  • All information is based on my own experience, my own pleasures & things i like to eat and cook!
  • Since i do enjoy a good dessert, there are quit a few sweet recipes.
  • Looking for information about 'basic kitchen terms' ?

My favorite restaurants / cafe / brasserie / that deserve mentioning (according to me)

Belgian beer, so many, we're spoiled, really... but here is my selection


Never make compromises, only top ingredients will give you a TOP result.

Kitchen dinner choices: Take it or leave it.


Baking a cake with margarine will NEVER taste as good as it would, made with butter.

NO cookies placed here, you will have to bake your own > Cookies recipe!


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